Thursday, October 27, 2011

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Delicacies From Ormoc!

Weeeee!!! Ciamz (my sister) just got back from Ormoc the other night. They went to her husband-to-be's hometown, bringing with them my cute nephew. After a week of visit their parents, they came home with these dilicoius food. 

This Casava cake is one of the variety of delicacies in Ormoc. This is a cake made from camote roots. The other delicacies from Ormoc are Uber den Leche Liga( uber tuber with milk), Native Suman wrapped in coconut leaves, Tibo-Tibok (rice cake), and Pichi-pichi pitch( also made from camote roots). They brought 2 boxes of these home. 

Leche flan! I know what your thinking, Yes, this is not an Ormoc delicacy, but this is always present in the pasalubong bag when JR ( brother-in-law-to-be) comes home from his hometown. Actually this sweet cake is a specialty food of his mom. You might think its just the same Leche flan you buy in Goldilocks or any bakeshop or restaurant selling one like this, but this is different. It has secret ingredients in it, which I do not know. JR's mom told  Ciams about the recipe along with the secret ingredient, but she made Ciamz promise not to tell anyone about it. I keep asking Ciams but she just wont tell. 

Puto Cheese. These ones are made by JR's sister. JR is such a lucky guy. His wonderful family are such a great cooks. 

Tablia. This is the ingredient to make hot chocolate here in the Philippines. As what JR have told me, Ormoc is one of the provinces in our country to produces pure Tablias.

Lastly, the crabs! Yup it goes straight to the wok the minute it arrive at our home. Not to mention, it's still alive when we cook it. 

There you have it! Have to go. I still need to finish those leche flan. :) Have a good day! Ciao!