Monday, September 12, 2011

How to Live a Frugal life?

With our economy today, everybody becomes frugal. Almost all want to live a frugal life. The question here is how? How can you live a frugal life nowadays? Here are some tips on how to live a frugal life. 

Cut out convenience foods
Learn to pass that McDonald’s up and start preparing your meals at home. You will save money and become healthier by not clogging up the ticker. At one time I was eating out just about everyday because of my work schedule, I had blood work done at the doctors office and my cholesterol was 280 with the triglycerides at 404! I stopped eating the crap served at fast “food” joints and within six months everything was back to normal.

Screw the oil companies
To save at the gas pump, don’t make unnecessary trips, even short runs to the supermarket ads up to a lot of cash out of the wallet at the end of the month. Try to do all you’re shopping for the week or month with one stop, or stop by on your way home from work (if you still have a job). If you can walk or ride a bike to where you need to be, do it. Fix a flag to your bike that reads something like, “screw the oil companies” and you could find yourself on the evening news.

Learn to do for yourself
Learn new skills and do things yourself. Every time you acquire knowledge that will enable you to do something for yourself that you would normally pay others to do, you save money. Mechanical, building, pluming, and home repair are areas worth looking into.

Spend less
Now, this is easy to say but a really hard tip to follow. However, this is the simplest way to start saving up. Think about it, review your monthly expenditure, even if you’re the most frugal person on earth, you’ll still find something where you indulge instead of saving up. Once you discover this little extravagance, cut back. It’s really as simple as that.

Stick to a budget
This is essential for individuals as well as families. In order to figure out what’s the ideal amount you can spend, you need to keep track of your earnings as well. Unless you know what’s coming in, it’s difficult to determine what goes out. Another reason why this is a great idea is because this puts your monthly expenditure and savings in perspective and step one becomes much easier to take care of with the help of a budget.

Become a smart-shopper
When buying anything, it is imperative you keep track of various offers, sales, and the price differences in a mall and a regular store. Usually, these petty frugalities go a long way in helping you save big bucks when you review your budget at the end of the month. Bonus tip: check farmers’ markets for those can be a great place to get the best bargains.

I hope those things help you to become a thrifty person and live a frugal life you want. :D


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  2. Stopping by from the MBS Blog hop! I definitely need to be more frugal now that im on a single budget. Thanks for sharing these tips!

  3. Hi, great tips... thanks! the food in the post above looks YUM too! Thanks for visiting my blog too, btw :-) Andrea (42paisleyplace)